Introducing LeadSmart Channel Cloud™, a revolutionary AI-enabled platform that proactively spotlights customer issues and opportunities, provides intelligent insights on what to sell, and acts as a virtual "co-pilot" to your sales team.    ​

Tailored versions for Manufacturers, Sales Agents and Distributors.
Gain never before seen insights into your company, customers, and channel partners.
Proactively spotlight potential customer opportunities and turn them into a revenue growth machine.
Utilize a Chat GPT-like experience to gain deeper insights into prospects, customers, and channel partners and expanded selling opportunities.
Transform the current “data gold mine” within your ERP, e-commerce, marketing automation, and other internal systems to achieve actionable insights to expand revenue growth.
Achieve fast implementation (no expensive consultants), quick user acceptance and adoption plus rapid returns on investment quickly.
LeadSmart Technologies


Eliminate blind spots with LeadSmart Technologies

Real-time access to data and insights

Sales teams need powerful yet easy to use technology that leverages AI and can provide valuable insights that accelerate growth and help gain market and wallet share.


Changing buyer and seller expectations

As buyers and salespeople change and get younger a new opportunity arises for companies who embrace technology to better serve customers and employee expectations.


Changing competitive landscape

Modern AI-driven technology enables companies to leapfrog ahead of the competition and position themselves for long-term growth and stability like never before.

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."
Peter Drucker

Upgrade to an AI-driven, Smart CRM in just a few weeks using LeadSmart Channel Cloud

This Is Leadsmart Channel Cloud

LeadSmart Channel Cloud combines a modern, Smart CRM with the LeadSmart Genius 3-step AI framework.

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Smart CRM

AI-enabled SMART CRM

LeadSmart Channel Cloud is an AI-enabled Smart CRM created specifically for manufacturers and wholesale distributors.


Gain deep insights into customer relationships.
Spotlights the product categories customers are buying and what they should be buying.
Includes detailed account planning tools to pinpoint who to contact and what products they should purchase.  
Gain visibility and accountability into customer relationships including leads, opportunties and quote/bid management.
Manage quotes and bids through insights into open and closed quotes, won/lost ratios, and revenue generated from won quotes.
"Crawl, walk, run" implementation framework enables a fast and cost effective implemention, increased adoption and rapid ROI!
Robust mobile app with "hands free" data entry.

Genius Feed™

LeadSmart Genius Feed

LeadSmart Genius Feed utilizes AI rules and automation to proactively spotlight opportunities, anomalies and issues across your prospect and customer base so nothing ever falls through the cracks!   Genius Feed is included at no extra cost with LeadSmart Channel Cloud.


Spotlight opportunities for new sales.
Spotlight opportunities for increased wallet-share.
Proactively identify customer retention risks.
Stay ahead of deadlines for quotes and opportunities.
Provide insights on overdue invoices or payments.
Genius Feed can be easily tailored to monitor for any opportunity or situation across the business.

Genius GPT™

LeadSmart Genius GPT™

LeadSmart Genius GPT is an industry-specific ChatGPT experience that provides AI-driven conversational insights and analysis.   COMING SOON:  Use Genius GPT to analyze your sales, quote and CRM data right within LeadSmart Channel Cloud.


Conduct deep business analysis on prospects and customers.
Identify decision makers and key executives.
Coming Soon: Analyze your company's sales and quote data in an AI-driven conversation.
Store results and conversations in LeadSmart Channel Cloud.
Receive step by step guidance and recommendations on how handle opportunities and issues.
Tailor Genius GPT options to your company and industry.

Genius Co-Pilot™

COMNG SOON: Genius Co-Pilot™

Genius Co-Pilot operates as a "digital concierge" for a sales person and intelligently automates many day to day tasks.  Truly a game-changer for sales organizations!


Auto-generate Sales Plans

Use AI-based analysis of all quotes, bids and opportunities to create a rock-solid forecast.


Sales Enablement

Use Genius Co-Pilot to help onboard and support new hires so they are immediately productive.


Territory Optimization

Work out which prospects and customers have the greatest opportunity and create a blueprint for the territory.


Smart Forecasting

Automatically research accounts, quotes and opportunities and create a sales plan.


Automated Follow Up

Fully automate follow up actions based on real-time analytics and schedules.


Smart Trip Planning

Create a trip plan, schedule appointments and even book travel arrangements at the click of a button.

The Leadsmart Advantage

Use the LeadSmart Revenue Operating System™ to track, manage, and drive new levels of performance.

  • Instead of…

    Using error-prone and unsecure spreadsheets to manage and track sales activities.

  • icon-checkmark-green

    Use LeadSmart Smart CRM to...

    Have a 360 degree view of all prospect and customer activity that is securely accessible by both your internal team and channel sales partners.  

  • Instead of…

    Reacting to customer issues and trying to search out the best opportunities. 

  • icon-checkmark-green

    Use LeadSmart Genius Feed to...

    Proactively spotlight potential customer issues (before they become an issue) and highlight opportunities for growth and wallet-share.  

  • Instead of…

    Not having accurate or up to date data in order to work out the best next steps with a prospect or customer.  

  • icon-checkmark-green

    Use LeadSmart Genius GPT to...

    Provide a deep understanding of your prospect or customer to guide your sales strategy and next steps.  

LeadSmart Advantage

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Partners & Affiliations

“Every business wants new business but most of them have a hard time cultivating leads into revenue through their channel partners in a highly efficient manner. The LeadSmart team has a passion for turning leads into revenue through their game changing Partner Collaboration Portal while providing a world class CRM experience for all other aspects of your business.”

Mike I. - CEO

"For years I have hoped for a CRM that included simplified marketing automation tools yet that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and sacrifice CRM capabilities. Thanks LeadSmart, finally the right solution.”

Marc V.

“LeadSmart's CRM and Marketing Automation software suite has been a great solution for ePractice Manager. It was very easy to implement and our sales and marketing teams have found LeadSmart very easy to use. Plus, the LeadSmart team has been very supportive and great to work with."

Gillian H. - CMO

Sounds great! What's next?

LeadSmart Next Steps

Seeing is Believing! →

We will meet, learn about your business and understand your needs and goals the show you a personalized demo of LeadSmart Channel Cloud and answer all of your questions.


SmartStart Program →

Our premium onboarding and implementation program is designed to help you get maximum value and adoption from LeadSmart quickly. We work with you to get LeadSmart configured, data loaded, processes setup and your team trained and up and running fast.


Track and Optimize →

We are committed to ensuring that LeadSmart Channel Cloud is continually enabling you to drive sales growth and expansion!   As a result, once you are live with LeadSmart we continually work with you to optimize the results you are receiving and add additional capabilities.  

LeadSmart Channel Cloud is the only AI-enabled Smart CRM and Customer Intelligence Platform created specifically for manufacturers and wholesale distributors.