Don’t settle for generic when you can have something that’s built for companies just like yours

LeadSmart is a purpose-built technology solution. Unlike generic, one-size-fits-all software, LeadSmart is a puzzle piece that is custom-fit into your business. The foundation of the software is our CRM platform, LeadSmart Plus™, but it is topped with customized features and modules to ensure that each company has the tools and data that is necessary for their specific industry needs.


Companies are looking for outcomes, not more software

Most technology solutions offer very little industry specific features, client onboarding options or support. Or they require expensive consultants to re-package the software so it tracks the most appropriate data for your business. But LeadSmart quickly becomes a collaborative member of your team, not just another expensive software tool.


One point of truth and data for all your business channels

Managing all your sales and marketing can be overwhelming. How do you keep track of all the team members, marketing channels, products, and sales leads you are responsible for? LeadSmart gives you a central hub that provides visibility, clarity and accountability for your business as a whole. This single source of truth is the command center of your business, helping you manage effectively without the overwhelm.


Multiple plans for every stage of your business

Businesses don’t come in all sizes and neither should software packages. LeadSmart offers multiple plans to fit every stage of your businesses development. You can start with LeadSmart Plus™ as a CRM-only solution and add other options later or try LeadSmart Pro™, our full CRM/Marketing Automation and Channel Management solution. No matter what plan you choose, we’re here to support you at any stage of your technology expansion journey. Start small and expand as you grow or start with our full suite of products. No matter what plan you choose, you will get fast results with LeadSmart.


Made by problem-solvers for problem-solvers

LeadSmart was created by a team of three friends who combined decades of diverse experiences to create a new way of managing your business. One partner spent 30 years in sales, marketing and distribution, another has founded multiple software companies, and the third brought in a 20-year background in CRM creation. After years of struggling against limitations in their respective industries, they joined forces to create a technology that communicated through all phases of sales and marketing and channel relationships.

LeadSmart brings the multiple channels you manage into a single point of operation. Our software is simple enough for the non-technical person while offering deep customization and expansion options when needed. Want to connect your ERP or Accounting system for even deeper insights? No problem!

Start Eliminating Blind Spots with LeadSmart

With LeadSmart, you can:

Manage all your data from a single source, including marketing, leads, and deals. We can even connect your ERP, accounting, or other data sources!
Assign leads to the correct channel partner and automate notification reminders.
Track the entire lead and sales journey of customers — even across third-party channel partners such as reps, brokers, agents, VARs, resellers, distributors, and dealers.
Turn your boring lead “address book” into a revenue generating machine.
Get graphic visualizations of your business as a whole through our Lead Development, Lead2Revenue and Partner Centers that offer innovative reports and dashboards providing deep insights into your business.

And more!

Don’t need all those options? Don’t worry! LeadSmart provides multiple plans to fit your business as it grows. Start with the basic package, LeadSmart Plus CRM, and upgrade to additional features only if you need them.