Purpose-built for Distributors and Dealers

At LeadSmart, we don’t believe that your CRM platform should be a one-size-fits-all solution. Distribution companies needs are unique and specific. This is exactly why the LeadSmart Channel Cloud for Distributors CRM and Business Intelligence platform has been purpose-built to meet the specific industry needs of distributors and dealers.

LeadSmart Channel Cloud for Distributors includes a "plug and play" suite of Apps that can be implemented and deployed incrementally in just a matter of days.

  • Do you need to know the types of accounts your team is calling on?  The Activity Tracker App has the answer.
  • Do you want to know exactly what is being sold (and what could be sold) to each customer?  The Revenue Expander App can help with that.
  • Would you like a centralized location to manage all your sales leads that you develop or are shared from channel partners?  The SmartLead Manager App makes that simple.

LeadSmart Channel Cloud also includes industry-specific tools, reports, dashboards, KPI’s created specifically for distributors and dealers.

Do you sometimes work with external partners like specifiers, sub-distributors/dealers and others?  Would you like to share information back to your vendor partners? LeadSmart Channel Cloud Pro includes a robust Partner Collaboration Portal that enables leads and opportunities to be assigned, tracked and managed with your 3rd party channel partners and provides direct communications back to your vendors.   No more emailing spreadsheets or lost leads or frustrating calls chasing down info from your partners.

Start small and expand as you grow. You will get immediate results and return on investment (ROI) with LeadSmart.

LeadSmart Channel Cloud™

for Distributors

$89 per month (paid annually)

$99 per month (paid monthly)

(Per User - minimum 5 users)

LeadSmart Channel Cloud includes: 

  • LeadSmart Visual CRM and Business Intelligence Platform
  • Access to all Apps in the LeadSmart App Library including:
    • Account Manager App
    • SmartLead Manager App
    • Activity Tracker App
    • Revenue Expander App
    • Account Planner App
    • GeoTracker and Trip Planner App
  • LeadSmart VIP Support

LeadSmart Channel Cloud Pro™

for Distributors

$99 per month (paid annually)

$109 per month (paid monthly)

(Per User - minimum 5 users)

LeadSmart Channel Cloud Pro includes everything in LeadSmart Channel Cloud PLUS:

  • LeadSmart Partner Portal
    • Share Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Deal and Opportunities with specifiers, sub-distributors/dealers and other partners.
    • Enable specifiers, sub-distributors/dealers and other partners to register leads.
    • Enable specifiers, sub-distributors/dealers and other partners to collaborate and make real-time updates.
    • Share resources, news and other relevant information with your partners.
    • Provide data-driven dashboards and reports to each partner to help them track their progress and results.
  • Partner Tracker™ - Using data from the LeadSmart Partner Portal monitor external partner engagement and how assigned leads are turning into revenue.

LeadSmart Engage™

Marketing Automation System Add-on

$149 per month (paid annually)

$169 per month (paid monthly)

(includes 5 users and 2,500 contacts)

Optional Marketing Automation Add-On to LeadSmart Channel Cloud or Channel Cloud Pro

  • Full Integration into LeadSmart Channel Cloud for tracking email and web site engagement.  
  • Full Marketing Automation features including:
    • Email Campaigns
    • Smart Marketing Automations
    • Forms and Landing Pages
    • 2,500 Contacts (contact us for discounted pricing on additional contacts)
  • 5 Marketing Automation Users Included