Your business is on a journey. As you grow and diversify, so do your technology needs.

At LeadSmart, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, our software is purpose-built to meet specific industry needs. We offer multiple plans to fit every stage of your business. You can start with LeadSmart Plus™ as a CRM-only and add other options later or try LeadSmart Pro™, our full CRM/Marketing Automation and Channel Management solution. No matter what plan you choose, we’re here to support you at any stage of your technology enhancement journey.

Start small and expand as you grow or start with our full suite of products. No matter what plan you choose, you will get immediate results with LeadSmart.

LeadSmart Plus™


per user per month

Visual CRM

Innovative Dashboards and Reports, Customized Centers, Sales and Deal Activity Tracker monitoring your team and partners performance, Engagement Tracker, and Industry Solution Kits.

LeadSmart Connect™


per user per month

Includes all
LeadSmart Plus™ Features AND,

LeadSmart Partner Center – Manage 3rd party partner relationship with detailed reports and dashboards. LeadSmart Channel Collaboration Portal for partner and channel collaboration.

LeadSmart Engage™


per user per month

Optional Add-On Marketing Automation Solution – Deep Integration into LeadSmart Plus and LeadSmart Connect Campaigns, and Smart Automations™, Detailed Reports and Dashboards, and Lead Development Center.



per user per month

Our Most Popular Solution!

Includes all LeadSmart Plus, Connect and Engage™ features. LeadSmart Pro brings CRM, Customized Centers for Leads, Sales, Partners, and Marketing Automation into the same suite.

Salesforce App


per user per month Users – Add LeadSmart functionality to get our channel, partner collaboration and management tools from our LeadSmart Connect™ system in an easy to integrate App for your instance.

All Products available with our QuickStart Program!

With all LeadSmart products we offer our LeadSmart QuickStart program to get you up and running fast and efficiently so that on day 1 of using LeadSmart your return on investment can start to be realized.

Also available is our LeadSmart Solutions program that can include,

  • Advanced Training
  • In-depth Marketing Automations
  • Email Security and Deliverability Programs
  • Lead Generation and Marketing Services
  • LeadSmart Analytics and Visualization Services
  • Process and Workflow Optimizations
  • Channel Partner Program Consulting

LeadSmart Plus™

$89 / Annually

$99 / Monthly

(Per User)

  • Innovative Visual CRM System
  • Customized Centers Include:
    • Lead 2 Revenue Center
    • Customer Development Center
  • Activity Tracker™ (Red/Yellow/Green Visual Icon System) to see how your team and external partners are working with your deals and leads
  • Engagement Tracker™ (Lead Attribution Visualization System)
  • Custom Industry Solution Kit for technology, distribution, manufacturing and other industries
  • Minimum 3 users

LeadSmart Connect™

$105 / Annually

$125 / Monthly

(Per User)

Includes all LeadSmart Plus™ Features AND,

    • LeadSmart Partner Center – All of your relevant data relating to your channel partners in a series of detailed reports and dashboards to make informed business decisions.
    • LeadSmart Channel Collaboration Portal for working with and managing 3rd party channel partner relationships like reps, brokers, agents, distributors, VARs and resellers.
    • LeadSmart Connect brings Visibility and Accountability into your business and your Channel Partner relationships.
    • Minimum 5 users

LeadSmart Engage™

Marketing Automation System

$149 / Annually

$165 / Monthly

(Includes 5 users)

Optional Add-On to LeadSmart Plus™ or LeadSmart Connect™

    • Full Integration into LeadSmart Visual CRM
    • Lead Development Center (add-in to LeadSmart Plus™ CRM)
    • Marketing Automation Features Include,
      • Email Campaigns
      • Smart Marketing Automations
      • Forms and Landing Pages
      • 2500 Contacts Included (contact us for discounted pricing on additional contacts)
    • 5 Marketing Automation Users Included

LeadSmart Pro™

$135 / Annually

$150 / Monthly

(5 to 20 Users | Per User)

Our Most Popular Option!

Includes all LeadSmart Plus, LeadSmart Connect and LeadSmart Engage features plus more in a single suite.

    • Visual CRM
    • Customized Centers
      • Lead Development Center
      • Lead2Revenue Center
      • Customer Development Center
      • e-Commerce Center
    • Activity Tracker™
    • Engagement Tracker™ – score leads based on email and website engagement etc.
    • NEW! Velocity Tracker – see how long deals take to close and gain insights into your sales and marketing processes and workflows
    • All of the LeadSmart Engage Marketing Automation features + upgrade to 5,000 contacts
    • LeadSmart VIP Support
    • Minimum 5 users

LeadSmart Connect™ Application

$50 / Annually

$56 / Monthly

For Current Users

The LeadSmart Connect App Includes all
LeadSmart Plus ™ Features like,

  • Visual CRM
  • Customized Centers
    • Lead 2 Revenue Center
    • Customer Development Center
  • Activity Tracker™ (R/Y/G Icon System)
  • Engagement Tracker™ (Lead Attribution Visualization System)
  • Custom Industry Solution Kit


  • LeadSmart Partner Center
  • LeadSmart Channel Collaboration Portal
  • Minimum 5 users