On average, 91% of users agree that marketing automation is important to their success across channels, which is why 45% of businesses already use marketing automation.

In the digital world, where you can access customers all over the world at any time, marketing automation is critical to your success. And yet, marketing automation isn’t a magic wand–and it certainly isn’t one-size-fits-all.

In fact, when your marketing team is using a system that doesn’t fit, it’s more likely to hurt you than help you. How do you know when your system isn’t working for you? Here are three telltale signs to watch for.

#1 – It Makes Life Harder

The whole point of marketing automation is that it makes your life easier. If it makes your life harder, it’s not doing its job right.

There are a few reasons why this might happen. One of the most common is getting a system that’s too feature-rich for you. Those features might have seemed impressive in the sales pitch, but if you don’t need them, they’re not impressive. They’re cumbersome.

Alternatively, many large companies working with CRMs designed for small- to mid-size businesses often find that their product doesn’t have enough features.

#2 – It Has Clunky Integrations

If your CRM is going to work, it needs to be able to integrate.

Take your website, for example. It’s the starting point for many of your sales leads, which makes it invaluable to your marketing team. Unless, of course, your marketing automation isn’t integrated.

If your marketing automation isn’t fully integrated, your team isn’t getting the marketing data they need to fully understand your customers.

#3 – It Isn’t Being Used

Finally, there’s the glaring red flag: your marketing automation system isn’t being used.

Sure, no adoption is without roadblocks, but the best automation systems should be relatively quick and painless to adopt. If your marketing team isn’t using the system you’re paying for, it begs the question: why are you paying for it?

Your team isn’t avoiding the system because it’s easier to do things manually. They’re avoiding the system because it makes their work difficult enough that it’s easier to handle the problem manually.

That slows your team down and leaves you prone to mistakes.

Looking for Effective Marketing Automation?

In the digital world, you can’t afford to settle for lackluster marketing automation. So the real question is: why are you still settling when you could upgrade to a system that actually works?

We know what businesses need, and we know what makes marketing automation work. Why waste time? Get in touch today to find out how we can make your business stronger than ever.